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Crafting Stellar Puzzle Games

Cosmic Lounge is a mobile puzzle game startup based in Helsinki and Stockholm.

Passionate about
Puzzle Games

Our goal is to create games that everyone can enjoy and love playing for years! To achieve this, we extensively evaluate product-market fit throughout the whole game development process.

Powered by Cutting-Edge Technology

We build games with our AI enhanced Puzzle Engine technology, which enables us to efficiently experiment, create and release game prototypes, features and content.

Funded and Operational

Cosmic Lounge was founded by industry veterans in 2022 with pre-seed financing from Sisu Game Ventures. Now with a €4M seed round led by Transcend Fund we continue to develop our in-house technology, expand our crew and build our first title!

Join the Crew

Do you want to work with an experienced and passionate game development team and help set our course for the stars? We are hiring!



Sisu Game Ventures
Boost Capital Partners
Project A
Cmd + N


Cosmic Lounge is hiring the brightest stars in the games industry. Be among the first to join our crew and embark on a journey to explore new ideas. Let’s make the biggest dent in the gaming universe!

Art • Helsinki

Lead Artist

Lead our art team and steer the visual direction of our first puzzle game.

Art • Helsinki

Senior Artist

Create beautiful art assets for our first puzzle game.

Engineering • Helsinki

(Senior/Lead) Game Programmer

Build game client features, functionality and UI for our first puzzle game.

Marketing • Helsinki, Stockholm

Marketing Director

Plan, design and run our user acquisition campaigns, as well as work with our game design team to create and test minigames for ad creatives.

Analytics • Helsinki, Stockholm

Senior Data Analyst

Analyze and explore game data and find the right insights to guide the development of our first puzzle game.

Engineering • Helsinki

Senior Engine Programmer

Develop our in-house puzzle game engine and tooling suite.

Engineering • Helsinki

Senior Backend Programmer

Design and develop our common backend and related cloud services.

QA • Helsinki

QA Manager

Manage quality assurance for our first puzzle game and related tools.


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